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Live the fairy tale in the Rhodopes Mountains

To really immerse yourself in Bulgarian nature, you have to visit the Rhodope mountains. This mythical and mystical landscape will enchant you from the first sight and you’ll be urged to go back there over and over again. The birthplace of the Thracian musician Orpheus still whispers the love songs dedicated to Euridice. The legends of Bulgarian history during the ottoman empire are still echoing in the air of these divine mountains.

What would you experience there?

Have you ever seen natural pearls? You’ll explore Yagodina cave in search of hidden treasure –  natural pearls made of sand and water; you’ll enter the Devil troаth where the mythical characters of Orpheus and Euridice perished because of love and music; you’ll taste traditional local food, you’ll watch the mountains literally from the Eagle’s eye where you’ll embark on an extreme ride with an off-road jeep and you’ll have a rest having a pick-nick in nature. If you are lucky enough, you’ll be captivated by the sounds of Kaba Gaidi (traditional Bulgarian bagpipe) in Shiroka Laka. If you want just breathe and detox from the hectic city life – that’s the perfect place to be!

Where this journey will bring you?

The route begins in Sofia or another city with an airport from where you’ll be transferred to Sofia. Sofia is a fascinating city that grows tremendously but never gets old as the locals say. From Sofia, you’ll head to Plovdiv, the ancient Philippopolis. Plovdiv, one of the oldest cities in the world, is an absolute must-see place rich in history and architecture. The remains of the old Roman city are kept in the central amphitheatre. You’ll visit the Old Plovdiv as well and learn more about Bulgarian architecture back at the days.

After Plovdiv, you enter the Rhodope mountains by the Fort Assenova – the loyal guardian of the mountains. The Fort is well preserved and this is the point where your Rhodope adventure will start.

After the Rhodope mountains, you’ll visit the biggest monastery in Bulgaria – the emblematic Rila Monastery. Next comes the south and the sunniest city in Bulgaria – Sandanski. The highlight of this part of your trip will be in the Rupite – the place where the Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga has lived and passed away. Rupite is a sacred place of pilgrimage for those who seek physical and emotional healing for themselves and their beloved ones. And, the Rhodope fairy tale will come to an end around a glass of wine in Melnik.

Author and Photographer: Julia Dimova
Author and Photographer: Julia Dimova

Pictures of our “Rhodopes Fairytale” tour