Transfer from / to the airport you choose at the best price

The personal driving service we bring to your attention is designed to provide the highest possible quality and service and convenience for you. Whether your trip is work-related or you want to get to the international airport to go on your vacation, we will provide you with the most comfortable transportation.

  • Our representative will be waiting for you at a pre-arranged place with a sign with your name - home address, hotel or airport, at your specified time. With a comfortable car we will take you to your desired destination.
  • We are monitoring the change or delay of your flight. Your personal driver will be waiting for you at the agreed upon spot, even in case of unexpected changes.
  • We will provide a child seat for your child that is appropriate to their age and needs.
  • Choosing our services, you choose the comfort of a quiet trip with professional drivers with years of experience in the field of transport services.
  • The transfer driver will take care of your comfortable journey: stopping for a short break or just a hot drink when you need it.
  • We have new, comfortable vehicles - sedans and vans that are in perfect technical condition.

Renault Megane

5 doors / 3 suitcases / comfortable lounge
for 1-3 passengers

The car combines comfort and style to ensure the perfect ride. It is designed for optimum comfort, equipped with all the extras of travel safety. A good car for a comfortable trip in the country.

5 doors / 3 suitcases / comfortable lounge
for 1-3 passengers

The interior of this car is a blend of cutting-edge design and technology with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its biggest advantage is the quiet engine of hybrid technology. It will give you a luxury trip. Designed for optimum comfort, it is equipped with all the extras of safety and comfort. It is the best car to travel in the country and abroad.

Ford Mondeo-Hybrid

Ford Transit

5 doors / 7 suitcases / comfortable lounge
for 8 + 1 passengers

There is no better option for you than this minibus for small family / group trips. The cabin provides optimum travel comfort, equipped with all the extras of road safety and passenger comfort. An ideal tourist car for long tours of small groups with lots of luggage.

5 doors / 7 suitcases / comfortable lounge
for 4-7 passengers

The van is equipped with air conditioning, CD system, pull-out and reclining seats, three point belts at each passenger seat, lighting and blowers above each passenger seat, luggage compartment.

Renault Trafic

Volkswagen Crafter

5 doors / 15 suitcases / comfortable seats
for 8-19 passengers

Equipped with air conditioning, CD system, microphone system, reclining seats, seat belts in each seat, automatic door, additional heater, luggage racks, lighting and blowers at each seat, luggage compartment. The van is spacious, designed and optimized specifically for guided tours / trips, as well as for business trips and personal events. Guaranteed travel convenience!

5 doors / 4 suitcases / comfortable lounge
for 3-6 passengers

A modern minivan with generous luggage space that we have chosen to transport families with children and passengers who need more luggage space. With reliable safety features, you can enjoy your trip in complete tranquility on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad.

Dacia Lodgy